Virginia Democrats in the 8th Congressional District have nominated 20 members to the party's ruling State Central Committee. The members will be formally elected to their new four-year terms during the party's June 7 state convention in Richmond.

In addition, the Democrats, who held their 8th District convention last Saturday, elected three members each to the rules and credentials committee for the convention.

The 8th District includes portions of Fairfax, Prince William and Stafford counties and Alexandria.

Fairfax County representatives nominated for the State Central Committee were Penelope Anderson, Pixie Bell, Christy Blackmon-Rodriquez, Janet Carver, Terry Matlaga, Linda (Toddy) Puller, George C. Rawlings Jr., Kenneth Meikeljohn, James McConville, John Rosenthall, Thomas Stewart and Joseph Wisnewski.

Alexandria members nominated were Deena Flinchum, Richard Hobson, Pauline Shockency and Robert Stewart.

Franklin H. Young, Delores C. Hampton and Odis Price were nominated from Prince William. Roselle Gibbs was nominated from Stafford County.

Members of the credentials committee, which will oversee the eligibility of delegates elected to the party's state convention, are Jared Cameron of Alexandria, who also is serving as temporary credentials committee chairman, Jean Budd from Fairfax, and Marvin H. Rubes, representing Prince William and Stafford.

Elected to the Rules Committee for the convention were Robert Farber, along with Bell and Young, members of the state central committee.

Democrats in each of Virginia's 10 congressional districts are scheduled to elect representatives to the state central committee as well as the convention committees.