On May 8, a 450-space parking garage for downtown Leesburg will be formally proposed to the Town Council at a meeting arranged by two local architects and a parking structure contractor. Town Manager Jeff Minor said that while the growing town needs additional parking space, it is unclear who is expected to finance the project, first proposed two weeks ago to a Leesburg business group.

"This is a total reverse of how such projects are usually handled," Minor said. "Usually a jurisdiction decides on a project, then asks for bids." Minor said his 1985-86 proposed $19 million budget does include $65,000 for a parking survey, an economic analysis or a reserve fund to pay an architect to design a parking structure.

Toxic waste found at the future site of a town house development in Leesburg has been hauled to a licensed hazardous waste site in South Carolina, Minor said. Versar Inc., a Springfield environmental testing firm, was this week expected to release results of further testing to determine if the site is now "clean." Amounts of toxaphene, a pesticide, and cadmium, both in excess of limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency, were found on the land on which a feed store stood for nine years. Calling the cleanup a "precautionary measure," Minor said the chemicals did not present a health hazard. The town, which owns the parcel, will pay $17,000 of the expected $30,000 cleanup costs from the proceeds it expects to receive when the land is sold to Market Square Associates, which will build the town houses.