Sue Montagne, the veteran defensive back for Robinson's girls soccer team, demonstrates confidence on and off the field.

The self-assuredness Montagne displays makes her seem older than her 17 years. And this trait, mixed with an aggressive playing style, has made her a standout defender in Northern Virginia girls soccer.

For the last 10 years, Montagne has devoted her life to soccer. She will be attending the University of Massachusetts next fall on an athletic scholarship.

Montagne's soccer skills enabled Robinson to win the state title last year. This spring, Robinson is off to a 7-1 start through play of last weekend.

In last spring's district semifinal game against West Springfield, Montagne, a fullback, scored a goal in the last minute and a half of overtime to tie the game. The Rams then won in a shootout.

"I said to myself I would score," Montagne said. "I didn't think it (the ball) would go in. The ball was spinning. I looked up and it was in."

Robinson Coach Jim Rike has Montagne mark the best forward on the opposing team. "She's a hard-charging player," said Rike. "And she backs down for nobody.

"She has good aggressiveness and is not scared to take the ball up the field and take shots on goal."

Since her freshman year, Montagne has been voted to the all-district first team three times and once each to the all-regional honorable mention, second team and first team. As a member of the Virginia state 19-and-under team for three consecutive years, Montagne has seen a much higher level of competition than most of her opposition.

Montagne's goal this spring is to make all-America.

"(Soccer is) so mental, if I'm not psyched for a game, I won't do well," said Montagne. "I can't see myself not playing. There would go half my life."

Montagne and the other defensive players have set some high goals this season. These goals include scoring six to eight goals and shutting out their opponents six to eight times. So far the fullbacks have gained one goal, one shutout and two assists.

"She plays with a lot of confidence," said Bob Eavenson, T.C. Williams' coach. "She helps out offensively and is definitely an asset to Robinson."

Rike uses Montagne as a team communicator.

"They (the team) look to her when things are not going well," Rike said. "She's kind of like my eyes on the field."

Montagne also plays field hockey, indoor soccer and basketball. In addition, she enjoys skiing, but prefers soccer to all of her activities.

"Soccer has helped keep me straight," said Montagne. "I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have it."