The following actions were taken at the Tuesday meeting of the Prince George's County Council. For more information, call 952-3600.

LANDLORD APPEARANCE REQUESTED: The council voted to send a letter to Loren M. Simkowitz, president of Monocle Management Ltd. of Bethesda, asking him to appear before the council next Tuesday to answer questions about rent increases at several apartment complexes in the county.

Simkowitz received nearly $24 million last year in low-interest state bonds authorized by the county to renovate two of the apartment complexes.

Several council members said Simkowitz has reneged on promises to decrease rents and contended that he has not adequately answered questions about the rent increases.

"I believe he thumbed his nose at the council," Chairman William B. Amonett said.

The council sent a letter to Simkowitz last month asking him to appear April 9, but he did not. The council defeated a proposal to subpoena Simkowitz.


DRINKING AGE: The council sent a letter to D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, the D.C. City Council and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments urging the District to follow Maryland and Virginia by setting 21 as the minimum age to drink all types of alcohol. The current drinking age in the city is 18 for beer and wine, and 21 for liquor.

ILL CHILDREN: The council heard a presentation by Donald Randall, staff director of "Kids," a nonprofit group that arranges and provides financial assistance for a variety of requests made by gravely ill children in the Washington area.

Randall said that the group helped 45 children in 1984, its first year. The children were taken to the circus, sat at the controls of fighter jets, traveled to places such as Disneyland with their families, and participated in other activities that they would have been unable to do without the assistance of the group, Randall said.

The group does not pay medical bills, he said.

Randall said most of the group's money comes from individual contributions, though it also receives money from corporations and service organizations such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Elks Lodge and the American Legion.

He said the average amount spent on each child is $1,000.

HOSPITAL GAZEBO APPROVED: The council approved 5 to 2 a resolution authorizing the Greater Laurel Beltsville Hospital to build a gazebo on hospital grounds adjacent to Van Dusen Road.

The gazebo, for use by hospital employes, will be built and paid for by the Greater Laurel Beltsville Hospital Foundation.

Council approval of the site is necessary because the gazebo will be on public land.