Middleburg officials would not allow a high speed chase through town or an airplane burning on a Middleburg estate several weeks ago during the making of a television pilot film called "55 Lime Street" starring Robert Wagner. Otherwise, the visit from the star of "Hart to Hart" caused hardly a ripple, according to Mayor Loyal McMillan.

"This town is immersed in celebrities from government, sports, film, science and international affairs," he said. "They're not news here; they blend right in." McMillan noted that the crowds who used to gather outside the community center where the John F. Kennedy family worshiped at Catholic services were "not Middleburgers."

If the TV pilot sells, the Wagner crew may be back to film the series. "They are entirely welcome," McMillan said. "But we don't expect life to change here at all."

McMillan said that Middleburgers filled the historic Red Fox Inn when it reopened last week to show support for owner Turner Reuter after a salmonella scare closed the inn for two days this month. Nine customers and six employers became ill from food poisoning, the cause of which is undetermined. According to county health officials, there are several possible sources for the illness, including contaminated eggs.