Striking members of the editorial staff of the Diamondback, the independent student newspaper at the University of Maryland at College Park, met for four hours early yesterday morning with the new editor-in-chief and consented to go back to work after reaching an agreement on management and editorial policy changes.

The editor-in-chief, Alfred R. Hogan, several current staff members and former Diamondback editors put out Thursday's edition of the paper after 10 editors and 20 reporters did not show up for work.

The paper has about 50 staff members.

The strikers were protesting managerial and editorial policies that Hogan, who was appointed by a student-faculty committee, instituted since taking control April 26.

They complained that Hogan did not give them enough responsibility and that he made stylistic changes without consulting them.

The six senior editors and two reporters who led the walkout began meeting with Hogan at 2 a.m. yesterday.

After the talks, Hogan agreed to delegate more authority to other editors and several staff members were given new titles and responsibilities.

"He had organized the paper in the spirit of the old staff without much consideration for the new staff. Now there's not so much confusion about positions. [The new titles] adapt to the talents of this particular group," said Andy Markowitz, arts and leisure page editor.

Of the stylistic changes made without the consent of the staff, one of the most controversial was a decision to delete obscenities in opinion columns, a reversal of a policy set in the late 1960s.

The staff expressed concern that words were being edited capriciously.