A man described by a prosecutor as "a one-man crime wave" was sentenced yesterday in Baltimore to 180 years in prison for kidnaping, in addition to his prior sentences of 135 years for counterfeiting.

James Mitchell DeBardeleben, 45, now faces trial on murder, kidnaping, sexual assaults or robbery charges in eight states. Assistant U.S. Attorney Juliet Eurich said she did not know where DeBardeleben would be tried next.

"He really is as close to a one-man crime wave as I've seen in my 10 years in office," Eurich said during sentencing. "He has shown no remorse. He has not admitted guilt, and he read a statement to the jury saying the trial was a sham."

At the trial three weeks ago, DeBardeleben offered no defense to testimony by a woman who said she was abducted in Ocean City in June 1979 when she was 19, taken to DeBardeleben's Falls Church apartment and raped and sexually assaulted for 28 hours before she was released.

U.S. District Judge Walter F. Black Jr. specified that DeBardeleben would not be eligible for parole for 59 years.

DeBardeleben already is serving the 135-year terms for counterfeiting in Tennessee and North Carolina. He has been charged with murdering a woman in 1982 in Bossier City, La., and another in 1971 in Barrington, R.I.