Three Frederick County Boy Scouts, who never received a word of thanks from a woman after pushing her child from the path of a moving car, and a Cub Scout who saved the life of his diabetic mother were awarded honor medals in a special ceremony yesterday.

The four boys received the Medal of Merit, an award given to scouts for an act of outstanding merit that does not involve an individual putting his own life in serious danger.

Lowell E. Baier, host of yesterday's ceremony and an Eagle Scout, said that the boys' quick thinking in the incidents exemplified the Boy Scout motto "Be Prepared."

Bill Kellogg, 11, John Pilch, 13, and Chris Wolfe, 11, all of Myersville, said they vividly remember the day last August when they prevented a baby in an unattended stroller from being hit by a car after the car had begun to roll.

The youths, from Troop 273, had been directing traffic at a festival at the Lilypons Water Gardens in Lilypons as part of a troop project when Chris noticed a four-door Mercedes-Benz rolling toward the stroller. The boys checked the doors of the car, which was only a few yards from the stroller, only to find that they were all locked.

With only seconds to act, John knocked the stroller from the path of the car as Bill and Chris grabbed the car's bumper and pulled it to a stop.

Chris then ran to a nearby campsite and got several logs to wedge behind the wheels of the car, which had been left in drive, according to the boys.

When the child's mother returned, "she was screaming and just snatched the baby from me," said Chris.

"She just jumped in [her] car and rode off; she never even said 'thank-you,' " added Bill. The boys said they still do not know the identity of the woman or the baby.

For 9-year-old Anthony Rudez, the award recognizes his actions last November when he alerted neighbors that his mother, who is a diabetic, was not responding to his wake-up calls.

Anthony, a member of Pack 476 in Middletown, said he was "very scared" when his mother did not get up to help him prepare for school.

After calling her several times and noticing that "she was breathing very hard," Anthony became convinced that she needed help.

He went to a neighbor's house but was told that his mom was probably asleep.

But after he insisted that something was wrong, the neighbors called an ambulance. Anthony's mother, Bernadette Rudez, said yesterday that she would have gone into insulin shock and died or suffered brain damage if she had been left untreated.

The boys' awards were presented during breakfast ceremonies yesterday at Montgomery County's Carderock Park. The annual breakfast was sponsored by Baier Properties, Inc. to honor the four scouts and to raise money for scouting