Prince George's County Executive Parris Glendening announced yesterday an extensive reshuffling of top appointed officials of boards and commissions that set county policy on development and housing issues.

"As we've gone through the years we have put my team in place on boards and commissions . . . with an eye toward the long-term direction of Prince George's County," Glendening said at a press conference in Upper Marlboro.

As part of the shift, Republican Charles Dukes, who is chairman of the board of John Hanson Savings and Loan, will resign as chairman of the five-member County Planning Board to devote more time to his business. He will be replaced by John Rhoads, a former county police chief and the current executive vice president of the Prince George's County Chamber of Commerce.

Glendening said that Dukes, who was appointed by former county executive Lawrence J. Hogan, offered to resign the planning job soon after Glendening's 1982 election.

Rhoads said he hopes to "speed up the process" that developers have to go through in order to get county licenses and approval for rezonings.

Samuel Botts, the director of the clinical program at Catholic University's law school, also will join the planning board as its new Republican appointee. Glendening said that Botts, who is black, had been recommended to him for the post by black advisers.

Rhoads' appointment to the post continues the close link between the planning board and the county's business community that was established during Dukes' tenure.

"We intend for this to be a very clear message to the business community as well," Glendening said. He said that business interests are balanced on the board by members who are controlled-growth advocates and representatives of environmental groups.

Ed Brown, a retiring federal government chemist, also will resign from the planning board in order to work on establishing a new county drug analysis laboratory funded by the County Council, Glendening said.

Glendening also appointed Largo lawyer Joel Rozner to succeed Ronald Schiff as people's zoning counsel, a $60-an-hour position that oversees the execution of zoning cases before the council.

Johanna Norris, who has served as a Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission board member for 14 years, will also step down to take a newly created position as a special coordinator overseeing the local implementation of the state's initiatives to protect the Chesapeake Bay.

Glendening said that she will be paid an as-yet-undetermined salary for the job. Norris was an outspoken county advocate of the state phosphate ban that was recently signed into law by Gov. Hughes. Former council member Ada Koonce Blumenschien will replace Norris on the WSSC.

Other new appointees announced yesterday were:

* Jo Ann Price, former president of the county League of Women Voters, to the Washington Suburban Transit Commission.

* Roy Reed, a member of the Building Owners and Managers Association, to the housing authority.

* Jesters Parks, former chairman of the county social service board, to the housing authority