The Alexandria City Council unanimously approved last night an Army plan to renovate Cameron Station, a 164-acre military base in the city's West End, despite opposition from the base's residential neighbors.

The renovation plan, to be implemented in 1988 if Congress approves funding, provides for more intensive use of the facility, the demolition of several warehouses and construction of a gymnasium and post exchange.

"We're not unpatriotic," said Ben Brenman, secretary of the Holmes Run Committee, which represents 14 residential and civic associations. "But we simply don't want your plan or your facility." Brenman said that Alexandria, 15 square miles in area, gets no property taxes from the base and could use the land for housing and open space.

Donna L. Fossum, another resident, said the 1,063 employes expected to be hired for the base would congest the roads leading to Cameron Station. The council responded last night by saying that it would not approve a new Duke Street entrance for the base.

Cameron Station, built as a supply depot during World War II, is now the headquarters for the Defense Logistics Agency, the Pentagon's procurement arm. But the base is better known as the home of one of the nation's largest commissaries serving about 85,000 retired and active military personnel in the Washington area.

Under the renovation plan, the agency would expand its staff and increase the number of workers to 5,315.

There has been speculation that Cameron Station would be shut down to cut Pentagon spending, but last night post commander Col. Richard T. O'Neill said he believed no such plans were in the immediate future.

The renovation plan, which is now before the National Capital Planning Commission -- the group that must approve all federally funded building plans for the Washington area -- now depends on congressional funding. So far no cost has been set.

In other action, the City Council unanimously allocated $1,372,000 to build a rowing facility for T.C. Williams High School on the Potomac at the foot of Madison Street.