The State Review Board of the Virginia Division of Historic Landmarks has nominated the Clifton Historic District in Fairfax County to the National Register of Historic Places.

The board's action is a recognition that "this remarkably unaltered town is deserving of official recognition as an important resource in the Commonwealth," according to the Department of Conservation and Historic Resources. Clifton is a small village located in southwestern Fairfax County. Developed during the period following the Civil War, the town contains 62 buildings of which only six are considered noncontributing, the department said.

The building types are those usually identified with rural villages -- the majority are of frame construction. The sense of visual continuity in both structures and streetscapes contribute to the integrity of this rare village in Northern Virginia, according to the department.

H. Bryan Mitchell, division director, said a property or district must be associated with important events, developments or persons, or possess outstanding architectural significance or integrity to be eligible for nomination to the National Register.

Listing on the National Register places no legal restrictions on an owner's use of the property when he is using private funds. Since Clifton is already subject to local historic district zoning, action by the Division of Historic Landmarks is actually an affirmation of the historical significance of the area already recognized by Fairfax County, the department said