Hey, howcum the anonymity? If there's one thing missing from the message painted on the side of the truck trailer pictured above--"This trailer is dedicated to the President of Giant Food"--it's that the president's name, Israel Cohen is omitted.

But if you look closely, Izzy, as he and everybody else calls him, is the fellow on the left (under the letter "y" of Anniversary), standing next to prize winning truck driver John Chamberlain.

So what's this all about? It's the 50th anniversary of Cohen's involvement in what 49 years ago became Giant Food, now the region's top-volume supermarket chain. It began with a single outlet on Georgia Avenue and now has 133 stores, with 21 more in the works.

More than 280 drivers donated an average of $70 each to buy the trailer, which cost $18,500, and presented it to Cohen at a recent ceremony outside the company's Landover headquarters.

Cohen's response was a two-paragraph letter addressed to "Dear Giant Drivers."

In it, he said he was moved by "pride, happiness, gratitude . . . . The trailer is beautiful. More important is what we know it represents: the loyalty and dedication of Giant's drivers to the company they helped bring to greatness." The letterhead said it came from the "chairman, president and chief executive officer," but it was signed simply: "Izzy."