China Cafe 4370 Knox Rd. College Park

6/10, 1985 -- 6/10

Sewage backup; unsanitary food service area; noncompliance with health department order. Discount Food Market 518 Eighth St. SE Washington

6/11 -- 6/13

Ineffective rodent control; no protection against contamination from overhead waste lines; no garbage disposal facilities; no water at hand basin; inaccessible hand basin; no hand basin in food service area; no certified food supervisor. Ingleside Grill 8537 Richmond Hwy. Alexandria

6/13 --

Lack of hot water; unsanitary surfaces throughout. Mike's Liquors 5301 Indian Head Hwy. Oxon Hill

6/10 -- 6/11

Noncompliance with health department order. Red Barn 417 N. Frederick Ave. Gaithersburg

5/29 --

Fire on premises. Tijuana Jail 8741 Richmond Hwy. Alexandria

6/13 -- 6/13

Plumbing deficiencies; unsanitary surfaces throughout. Wendy's 7042 Little River Tpk. Annandale

6/12 -- 6/12

Unsanitary food service area; potentially hazardous food stored at unsafe temperatures. Yang Deli 4801-004 Benning Rd. SE Washington

6/5 -- 6/13

Ineffective rodent control; no towels at hand basin; unsanitary food service area; cleaning agents stored in food service area; food containers not protected from contamination in storage; no certified food supervisor; improper trash storage. Young Chow Restaurant 8957 Woodyard Rd. Clinton

6/13 -- 6/14

Ineffective roach control; unsanitary food service area; poor hygienic practices.