The Family Respite Center's nearly year-long search for adequate quarters for daytime care of Alzheimer's-disease victims in Northern Virginia has come to a happy ending. For many months, the hunt -- which was joined by Rep. Frank R. Wolf (R-Va.) and numerous political and professional people -- was futile. Available quarters were unsuitable or too costly.

But the solution was found Thursday when the Fairfax County Board of Zoning Appeals granted a special-use permit that allows the center to occupy 2,000 square feet of low-rent space in the Chesterbrook Presbyterian Church on Westmoreland Street in West Falls Church.

Yesterday was the final day at the old location, Paul VI High School (the former Fairfax High School building) on Arlington Boulevard in Fairfax City. The space was made available rent-free by the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, but had to be vacated this month. The center will reopen in the new location June 24.

Alzheimer's is a neurological disease that causes progressive deterioration of the brain and a breakdown of body functions.

The center provides day-long care and social activities on weekdays for about 30 victims, with fewer than half that number attending each day. It charges $22.50 a day.

"It's tough to leave here," Lin Noyes, the center director, said of the old location. "We had lots of volunteers and helpers from the students of Paul VI High School . We'll miss them."

In the new location, Noyes said, the center will share the building with a day care center for children. It was the first integrated center of its kind in the area when it opened more than 20 years ago.