The Fairfax County School Board has approved pay increases for 15 top school officials that will give them salaries ranging from $60,000 to $71,000.

The board voted last week to award the increases to the system's deputy superintendent, several area superintendents and assistant superintendents and the executive assistant to the superintendent. Most of the increases will take effect July 1. The contract with incoming superintendent Robert R. Spillane, who will make $90,000, was not affected by the vote.

The hikes include a 4 percent cost-of-living raise and, in some cases, merit pay and additional compensation for promotion to a higher level job. The board also extended the contracts for an additional year, until June 1987.

The board vote means that 16 top Fairfax school officials will be paid at least $60,000 next year, compared with 11 who made more than $60,000 this year. This year, the lowest salary on the school leadership staff was $54,000.

School officials said a recent increase in the pay scale for school principals who have tenure means that assistant superintendents, who are appointed yearly, will not earn much more than the principals they supervise.

The salary increases will go to Herman Howard, deputy superintendent, $71,000, and to area superintendents Doris Torrice, $64,500; E. Wayne Harris, $62,000; Patsy Costolo, $60,000, and John Creigh, $60,000. Also getting raises are assistant superintendents Alton Hlavin, $68,400; William Shadle, $69,500; Beatrice Cameron, $64,500; Dolores Bohen, $60,000; Mary Anne Lecos, $62,000; David Sawyer, $63,300; Jay Jacobs, $62,000; Warren Eisenhower, $64,900, and John Hess, $64,900. John Schreck, executive assistant to the superintendent, will make $63,200.