Ralph Kennickell's nomination to be Public Printer is on hold while the Senate Rules and Administration Committee rechecks his resume. He's been serving in the top GPO job, which pays $72,300, on an acting basis since December.

When he first appeared before the committee, Kennickell's job application form listed his final salary with Kennickell Printing Co., in Savannah, Ga., as being in excess of $50,000 a year. However, subsequent checks by the committee showed that his final salary was actually less than half that amount.

Last week, Kennickell told the committee that the salary listed on his application form included a bonus he had been promised just before he left the firm, which is partly owned by his family.

The bonus was not paid, however, and Kennickell said the higher amount listed on his original federal application remained in error on subsequent salary and financial disclosure documents given the committee, which must vote on his nomination.

Kennickell has been given high marks by union leaders at the GPO, who tangled frequently with his predecessor. Last week the Joint Congressional Committee on Printing approved a contract between GPO and craft union workers. It provides for raises of up to 5 percent this June and over the next two years, plus a 37 1/2-hour week starting next year.

Sen. Charles Mathias (R-Md.) chairs both the rules committee and the joint printing committee.