Anthony Byars, who pleaded guilty to the Inauguration Day robbery of an elderly couple who prosecutors said were beaten in their Capitol Hill home, was sentenced to 25 to 72 years in prison yesterday by D.C. Superior Court Judge Stephen Eilperin.

The sentence, which U.S. Attorney Joseph E. diGenova called "a substantial prison term, well-warranted by the facts," represents three prison terms, imposed consecutively, in three burglary cases.

Byars, 19, of 68 P St. NW had pleaded guilty to first degree burglary while armed and armed robbery in the Jan. 21 case and to burglary charges in two prior incidents, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Mary Incontro.

He had been charged with breaking into two other apartments in his neighborhood and assaulting two women, Incontro said.

In the Inauguration Day incident, according to Icontro, two men pushed Maureen Jacoby through her front door at 1249 Fourth St. SW just as she was coming home and unlocking the door.

Once inside, the men held what later proved to be a toy gun on her and her husband, Rolf Jacoby, 77 who has Alzheimer's disease, Incontro said. Rolf Jacoby was struck in the head and bound. His wife was dragged down stairs.

The assailants, according to Incontro, broke Jacoby's finger and stole his wedding ring, while Maureen Jacoby, bound in another room, heard him plead with them not to hurt them, according to Incontro.

A neighbor saw the men enter and called police, who found two men in a laundry room, Incontro said.

Anthony Parker, 16, of 1418 First St. SW, has pleaded guilty to armed robbery and a lesser burglary charge.