It's a pleasure to report that The Suitcase Deal is on once again.

As many of you will recall from a year ago, Camalier & Buckley, the local leather goods chain, supported our fund-raising campaign for campers with a discount scheme. The same scheme applies this year.

All you have to do is to bring a used suitcase to any Camalier & Buckley store. In return, the store will sell you any new piece of luggage at a 10 percent discount. Meanwhile, the old suitcase goes to one of our campers -- free.

If you were planning to buy a new bag this summer, this is a good way to get the old one out of your attic -- and a good way to help needy kids at the same time. Many thanks to F. Davis Camalier, the chain's president, for generously offering to continue the luggage program in 1985.

But don't take this to mean that we have all the cash we'll need to send 1,100 kids to camp this summer. As of June 12, we were still $100,000 short of our goal. As of today, only a week and a half remains before camp opens. If you haven't contributed yet, I hope you will. Here's how.


Make a check or money order payable to Send a Kid to Camp and mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C. 20071.