A group of parishoners from St. Hugh's Roman Catholic parish in Greenbelt has set up a "trusteeship" account and invited members of the church who are troubled by the problems arising from the present pastor's leadership to deposit their weekly contributions.

A black-bordered notice in last week's edition of the community newspaper said the fund was being established "in response to the mounting number of parishioners who are concerned about the economic future of St. Hugh's."

The ad said that Sunday collections are "running 30 to 40 percent less than they were one short year ago," when the Rev. John P. Stack was assigned to the parish.

During Stack's pastorate, the parish lay leadership has become polarized, and earlier this year he threatened a slander suit against leaders of the parish council who had complained to Archbishop James A. Hickey about his actions.

In a letter published last week in the archdiocesan paper, The Catholic Standard, parishioner Helen White said that St. Hugh's "closed out their fiscal year" in June 1984, "as a spiritually cohesive community with sound financial footings and a comfortable cushion for emergencies." Currently, she said, there is "a documentable exodus to neighboring parishes" with "the resultant decrease in revenues."

The unsigned advertisement for the Contingency Fund urged parishioners "to use this alternative in the hope there will be funds available to ensure financial stability when a new pastor is appointed to St. Hugh's."

New pastoral assignments announced at the Virginia United Methodists last week include the following:

The Rev. William L. Ayers from Staunton to Del Ray, Alexandria.

The Rev. E. Howard Satterwhite from Norfolk to Trinity, Alexandria.

The Rev. D. Michael Meloy from Richmond to Immanuel, Annandale.

The Rev. A.J. Edwin Clever from Portsmouth to Prince of Peace in Woodbridge.

The Rev. John H. Bartee Jr. to Cherrydale in Arlington.

The Rev. William R. Withers to Community in Arlington.

The Rev. Phillip E. Simms to St. Mark's in Arlington.

The Rev. David E. Lough to Epworth in Arlington.

The Rev. James G. Holloman, who has been district superintendent in Portsmouth, will exchange assignments with the Rev. J. Carroll Fink, former pastor of Fairfax United Methodist Church.

Dr. Gerson D. Cohen, who has been chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in New York since 1972, has resigned his administrative post but will continue on the faculty of the Conservative school.

Citing health problems, Cohen has asked the board to find a successor within the coming year.

Other people in the news:

The Rev. W. Chris Hobgood, pastor of First Christian Church in Alexandria, will become regional minister for his church in Arkansas, effective Nov. l. Hobgood, who grew up in Zaire where his parents were missionaries, has been president of the Council of Churches of Greater Washington, and has chaired the Alexandria National Conference of Christians and Jews' steering committee.

First Baptist Church Deanwood in the District has called as pastor the Rev. Michael Conway Turner, former assistant pastor at Metropolitan Baptist here and more recently pastor of Olney Street Baptist Church in Providence, R.I.

The Rev. Harold L. Lee is the new pastor of Dupont Park Seventh-day Adventist Church in Southeast Washington. An expert on church finance, he has taught in church schools in this country and in the Caribbean and has held denominational posts.

The Rev. Gail VanBuren is the new pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church of Northern Virginia.