The management of a downtown shopping mall is going to give all us baseball-hopeful folks a chance this week to petition for the redress of our grievious lack of the national pastime in the nation's capital. We'll also be asked to suggest a name for the future team.

Before summarizing that promotional gimmick by the Connecticut Connection, listen to Metro Scene's modest proposal for returning the game to Washington. It's fully in keeping with the District of Columbia's political status.

Why not a team that will play a full schedule, but have absolutely no status in the league's official standings? After all, Del. Walter E. Fauntroy (D-D.C.), voteless on the House floor, plays that way in the halls of the Capitol. And a team name? Why not the "District Delegates" -- the "D.C. Dels" for short? Kind of sings, doesn't it? Well, maybe a bit sourly.

Seriously, now: During this officially proclaimed Baseball Week in the city, Washingtonians will be invited to sign a pro-baseball banner at the mall atop the Connecticut and L entry to the Farragut North subway station and will be asked, between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., to suggest a team name.

The winning name will be announced Friday.