The Manassas Park city attorney is studying the legality of a proposed ordinance designed to prohibit and control tall grass and weeds at occupied residences. According to council member Tom Calomeris, the proposal would make it unlawful for a resident to leave grass or weeds uncut above 10 inches.

A violation would carry a $50 to a $1,000 fine, with $50 per day tacked on for every day the grass remains long after a judge orders it cut, Calomeris said. If a senior citizen or handicapped person is unable to cut the lawn, Calomeris said, there are many volunteers in the city who would perform the task.

"This city isn't heartless -- in fact, we're famous for our volunteer system," Calomeris said. "But it's the same violators over and over again and it's not fair. The city should be livable for everybody."

Current regulations refer only to vacant land and lawns around vacant buildings.

In a money-saving move, the Manassas Park School Board approved paying coaches' salaries on a flat-rate basis rather than under the current percentage system. Under the old system coaches were paid a certain percentage of the salaries they earn as teachers. When teachers got an 8 percent salary increase last spring, school superintendent Jimmy Stuart decided that coaches salaries should be frozen at their present rate.