Round Hill's town council will hold a citizens meeting this week to discuss the state highway department's decision to eliminate$5.3 million in funding for a long-desired Route 7 Round Hill bypass from its six-year plan. Only engineering funds were left in the plan, plus construction funds for the Hamilton and Purcellville portions of the bypass.

"We've been put off so many times in the last 22 years," said Mayor Jeff Wolford. "We are hopeful that with enough citizen pressure the state will put the money back."

Del. Kenneth Rollins (R-Leesburg), board of supervisors chairman Frank Raflo and supervisor James Brownell, who represents Round Hill, will attend the meeting and answer questions, Wolford said. The council also plans to take residents to a July 11 public hearing in Richmond on the six-year road plan.

Wolford said the highways department told Hamilton it could lower the 35 mph speed limit through town to 25 miles per hour, after residents complained that speeding motorists posed a danger, especially children.

"I guess they [VDH&T] gave us a lowered speed limit because they took away the bypass money," Wolford said.

In addition, the county will man the sheriff's substation in Round Hill, the presence of which could slow some drivers down, he said.