The Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital has shelved plans to build a $10 million regional headquarters on a North Capitol Street urban renewal site because of problems in raising money for the project.

"We are real sorry that they were not able to go ahead with their plans," said Oliver Cromwell, spokesman for the city's Department of Housing and Community Development.

The scouts had planned to build the center on a one-acre parcel on North Capitol Street, between N and Patterson streets NE, that they had purchased from the District for $450,000, a figure that was appreciably below the market rate.

Barbara Lewis Johnson, the council president, said in a May 31 letter to the housing department, "Despite our extensive efforts . . . we just have not raised sufficient funds to finance the project."

The Girl Scouts will receive their entire "good faith" deposit of $59,375 in return for giving up exclusive rights to develop the land, Cromwell said.

"We hope that when times get better," he said, "they will come back to the District and build their center."

But Johnson said "it appears doubtful" that the funding for the proposed Girl Scout Program Center, which was to include science and computer laboratories and provide classroom space, would be available in the near future.

Construction on the site was to have begun late this year.