Daniel Dennis Collins, who faced 97 charges from a two-day crime spree last August, pleaded guilty yesterday in a Prince George's Circuit Court to five counts of rape, two counts of armed robbery and one count of attempted armed robbery.

Attorneys involved in the case said that under the plea bargaining arrangement, in which the other 89 charges were dropped, Judge James Magruder Rea is expected to sentence Collins to two concurrent life sentences. Rea, they said, agreed to recommend to the Department of Corrections that Collins, 18, be sent to Patuxent Correctional Institute in Jessup, which offers psychological counseling.

Collins, who will be formally sentenced Aug. 9, would be eligible for parole in 25 to 30 years, they said.

During yesterday's trial, Rea repeatedly asked Collins, who was said to be suffering from psychosis but found competent to stand trial, if he understood the charges as they were presented by Assistant State's Attorney Carl W. Buchheister.

Collins, frail and slumped in a chair, answered affirmatively in a barely audible voice, but said, "I don't have control of my mind."

Collins' court-appointed attorney, Jeffrey T. Wennar, called the plea bargain "the best alternative. He stood a chance of getting many life sentences . . . . "

Collins' case stems from a series of rapes and assaults Aug. 4 and 5 that county police said were related. He was charged with sexually assaulting a Largo woman repeatedly at gunpoint on Aug. 4, according to police, and later with assaulting an off-duty county police officer, who was forced at gunpoint to give up his own gun and was locked in a car trunk. Collins was also charged with raping the officer's companion and another woman and raping two sisters the following day in Landover Hills, police said.

In January, while awaiting trial in Prince George's, Collins escaped from a Howard County hospital, where he was being examined for injuries he said he suffered while undergoing psychiatric evaluation at the Clifton T. Perkins Medical Center. After a four-day intensive manhunt, D.C. police captured Collins and charged him with another rape and several assaults. Yesterday's agreement does not include those charges, which are pending.