Six Northern Virginia Swimming League team members broke one medley relay and two individual records in the first round of summer competition Saturday.

Amy Rymiszewski from Mansion House broke the age 8-and-under record of 20.33 for the 25-meter breaststroke set by Becky Bergman in 1979.

Burke Station's Erin Jones won the 11-12 girls 50 freestyle in 28.68, breaking a 1984 record of 29.03. Jones won the 50 butterfly in 31.34 and came within .04 of the record.

Rebecca Ottke, Maren Valentino, Jenny Neighbors and Kim Jaarsma of Cardinal Hills won the girls 9-10 medley relay in 1:10.57, breaking a 1984 record of 1:12.55.

In Division IX, Fox Mill Woods came from behind to defeat Lee Graham, 201-200, by winning the closing relay race. Commonwealth defeated Brandywine, 192-190, by a relay race in Division XII.

Swimmers in the Colonial League can compete in three events and, in the Red Division, Fort Myer had four triple winners. Aaron Parker won the 25-meter freestyle, backstroke and butterfly in the 8-and-unders. Pat Fry won the 11-12 free, back and butterfly strokes. John Fry won the 13-14 free, breast and butterfly. Mandy Harris won the free, back and butterfly in the 13-14 age group.

At Lake Barcroft, Jenny Stowe won the freestyle, backstroke and butterfly 25-meters in the 9-10 age group and Hugh McGee took the 15-18 division free, breast and butterfly.

In the White Division, Christina Cabrales won the 9-10 free, back and butterfly. Christy Keyes, 11-12, won the free, back and butterfly. John Pace, 13-14, won the free, back and butterfly. Sarah Keyes, 13-14, won the free, back and butterfly at Arlington Knights of Columbus.

At Sugarland Run, Trevor McClanahan, 11-12, and Christy Sestak, 15-18, won the free, breast and butterfly strokes.

Jackie Parson, 9-10, and John Bremer, 13-14, won the back, free and butterfly races; Julie Parson, 13-14, the free, breast and butterfly, and Kim Dirnberger, 15-18, the free, back and breaststroke at Saratoga.

King's West triple winners were S. Hubbard, 8-under girls in the free, back and butterfly and S. Garnett, 15-18 boys in the free, back and butterfly strokes.

Michelle Griglione of Lake Barcroft led the Colonial League by breaking two league records in the 15-18 age group. Griglione swam the 50-meter breast and butterfly strokes in 35.60 and 29.23, respectively. She also won the freestyle.