Okay, now, bandleader, let's have the fanfare. Ah, that's good! And now...ta, ta!...the winner of the public poll on what Washington's future baseball team should be is (please feign surprise): The Washington Senators.

All week long, the Connecticut Connection -- the shopping and eating center atop the Farragut North subway station at L Street -- invited Washingtonians to drop by and sign a billboard-sized petition favoring the return of major league baseball to our town and to enter a ballot with a proposed team name.

Judith Miller, president of the Connection, said the name Senators won, far and away, taking (with a few late ballots still out) 540 of some 2,100 votes. With 272 votes, second place went to the Washington Nationals, which -- whether most voters knew it or not -- was the name that the old American League Washington team used for decades, until it converted to being the Senators. Even toward the abduction of our final team to Texas in 1971, the Senators were the "Nats" in newspaper headline shorthand, to the utter bafflement of newcomers.

Okay, what other names were proposed? Some realistic, some obviously tongue in cheek, here were some of them: the Presidents, the Diplomats, the Defense Contractors, the Argonauts, the Lobbyists, the Spenders, the Winners.

Having suggested the name District Delegates in last Sunday's column, we asked Miller if it showed up in the tally. No, she said. With inside knowledge that it had been proposed, we demanded a recount. Oh, yes, she said after a pause, it got one vote.