Edward J. Feeney, former superintendent of Prince George's County schools, confirmed last week that he has accepted a job as director of a private school in Costa Rica affiliated with the U.S. State Department.

Feeney, 56, who headed the 105,000-student Prince George's system for eight years before retiring a year ago, will take over July 22 as administrator at the Lincoln School in San Jose. The school has an enrollment of 1,400 students through 12th grade, many of them children of State Department personnel and the remainder Costa Ricans.

"I thought the challenge of learning the culture of another country would be wonderful," Feeney said. "I really missed working with a school system and youngsters. I found after a few months I was getting restless."

He said he accepted a two-year contract, but expects to stay "a considerable period of time." He was unsure what his salary would be, he said.

He left the Prince George's job saying it was time for a change and that he wanted to pursue other interests. He and his wife, Joan, subsequently became consultants on teaching talented and learning-disabled students. He also has worked as associate director of the Center for Education and National Development at George Washington University, which disseminates information about successful educational programs.

The job offer from the Lincoln School board of directors was made as Feeney was being considered for a position as deputy superintendent of the Dayton, Ohio, school district.