County administrator Philip Bolen last week showed the Board of Supervisors recent photos of the defoliation that gypsy moths have caused on Short Hill, the Hillsboro mountain that holds the town's water supply. Bolen displayed the photos, Hillsboro Mayor Alexandra Spaith said, because the town has asked Bolen to obtain a commitment from the state agriculture department to spray the mountain next year instead of using wasps, gypsy moths' natural predators, to kill the pests. "They have assured us over and over that the chemical they use is not harmful to humans," said Spaith. "So we assume that even if some of it gets through the window of the spring house it will not seriously contaminate the water suply." Asked why there was a window in the spring house Spaith replied, "How else would our big blacksnake get in and out?" The town's water tank recently underwent its semiannual scrubbing and chlorination, Spaith added.

The Hillsboro Civic Association, which last week combined an Independence Day celebration with a retirement party for longtime grocery store owner and town official Glen Roberts, needs a window fan or two for the auditorium of the Old Stone School where meetings are held. Donors may call Robbie Thompson at 668-6147.