A 142-acre community for the elderly and the handicapped may be developed just northeast of Occoquan by Ridge Development Corporation, builders of Lake Ridge and Tackett's Mill. The proposed community would include 300 apartments, 200 cottages, a recreation center and a medical facility, according to Tony Sala, vice president of Ridge Development. County agencies have begun to review the corporation's plans, but because there is no official eligibility requirement for the zoning classification needed, it is uncertain when the request will go before the board of supervisors, officials said.

Although Occoquan's new municipal parking lot, located near the Rte. 123 bridge over the Occoquan River, was finished in May, it is still only a gravel area awaiting paving and marking while debate continues over who will use and run it. According to Vice Mayor Andy Lynn, persons in the private sector who own land above and below the bridge applied for a lease for the lot from the state Highway Department in Culpeper at the same time the town applied for its lease from the state Department of Highways and Transportation in Fairfax. "With this confusion we could be in danger of losing the lot," he said. The town council is aware of the "drastic need for public parking in Occoquan," Lynn said, and will do "whatever it can to retain the lot," which can hold up to 70 vehicles. Drivers are using the lot despite the lack of paving and marking.