Wayne Greatorex thrives on beating the odds. He proved it last season when he dominated line play throughout Montgomery County and earned first-team all-Met football honors at middle guard.

Now the Kennedy graduate hopes to continue his penchant for using his catlike quickness and flawless technique to overcome much taller, bigger opponents in the Big 33 all-star football game July 20 in Hershey, Pa. The game will pit Maryland versus Pennsylvania's best new high school graduates.

Pennsylvania scholastic football is reputed to be among the nation's best and the host state once again will field a powerful squad with linemen averaging 6 feet 4, 250 pounds. On the other hand, a number of Maryland's top players, including DeMatha running back Mike Anderson (University of Maryland-bound) and Churchill linemen Jonathan Holloway (Stanford) and Tom Ladd (Brigham Young), have opted to pass up this game.

The absence of big linemen on the Maryland team appears to be the squad's biggest weakness, which will put even more pressure on Greatorex, a 6-foot-1, 240-pounder.

"I guess I will be doubled and maybe even triple-teamed during this game, but I can handle that," said Greatorex, who will attend Montgomery College in Rockville this fall. "I faced the same thing last season. Even though these guys are bigger and stronger, quickness and technique can overcome that.

"I expect they're going to try to run the ball on us, but they're not going to come through the middle on me. I'm better at run defense than pass rushing anyway, so I'm really looking forward to playing this Pennsylvania team. I look at this as my first college game, and I intend to do well."

To prepare himself for the challenge, Greatorex runs 1 1/2 miles, does multiple sets of sprints up the Kennedy stadium steps and lifts weights each day with former Kennedy quarterback Walt Crutchfield, who will play at Indiana State this fall.