The Navy hasn't only captured the leadership of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with the forthcoming appointment of Adm. William J. Crowe Jr. as its chairman. After a 10-year lapse, it's also taken the helm of the Retired Officers Association of the United States with the election of reserve Capt. David L. Woods of Alexandria as national president.

The 120,000-member, Washington-based organization rotates its presidency annually among the Army, the Air Force and what the association defines as the sea services. The latter category includes more than just the Navy, and the past two presidents from the sea services have represented the Coast Guard and the Marine Corps.

Woods, 52, has a doctorate in communications from Ohio State University. In civilian life he's in nonuniformed naval service as director of scientific and technical information for the Navy Department.

Woods succeeded Col. Eileen Bonner, a retired/reservist Army nurse, the association's first female president.

Three other area reservists are among the new officers: Brig. Gen. Lewis M. Helm of Bethesda, the Army executive committeeman; Lt. Cmdr. Bruce Spiher of Alexandria, junior vice president for the Navy, and Navy Lt. Michael P. Smith of Dunkirk, Md., national public relations officer.