Poor Rambo. The placid waters of Lake Whetstone in central Montgomery County proved to be too much for the cinematic blood-and-guts war veteran.

Stolen from the Roth's Quince Orchard Theater in Gaithersburg between 1 and 2:30 a.m. Thursday, a portion of the movie, "Rambo: First Blood Part II" was dumped into Lake Whetstone, a picturesque lake popular with ducks, canoeists and the residents of nearby Montgomery Village, Montgomery County police reported yesterday.

Two suspects arrested shortly after the burglary led police to the spot where the film had been dropped. Fire department officials were then called in to rescue the film from eight feet of water -- but it was too late to save "Rambo."

" 'Rambo' is all wet," Montgomery County police spokesman Phil Caswell joked yesterday.

Charged with the Thursday burglary are Thomas Ellsworth O'Sullivan, 18, and Lawrence Brian Love, 18, both of Gaithersburg. They were released after each posted a $1,000 cash bond. O'Sullivan is a former assistant manager at the theater, according to Roth's district manager Sam Rosenfeld.

Rosenfeld said the film failed to survive the water and had to be replaced with a new "Rambo." The theater also has had to repair the screen damaged by the burglars, Rosenfeld said.

"They cut a four-foot section out of the center of the screen," he said, and made off with $20 in candy, marquee letters and a poster for "Back to the Future," the other film showing at the theater.

This was the second burglary at the theater in two nights, he said. In the first break-in, the burglars took a telephone and "threw film around in the projection room," Rosenfeld said.

Yesterday business was back to normal. "The screen has been repaired, the letters and poster have been returned and we have a new 'Rambo,' " he said.

Losses from the burglaries, he said, total about $3,000, including $1,600 for the screen and $1,000 for the new film.

Fire Lt. Melvin Nichols said that the early morning "Rambo" rescue wasn't anything special. "If there's something that nobody else can do, they call us," he said.