Some Metro notes in Metro Scene:

Following up on an item last week, the transit authority has replaced the oft-vandalized "White House" directional sign at the top of its McPherson Square station escalator at 15th and H streets NW with a new sign that can't be unscrewed, as happened twice, and is covered with some kind of thick plastic surface that should defy the kind of paint-over defacement that we most recently reported.

In behalf of direction-needing tourists, thanks Metro.

The operator on an Orange Line train, headed from Washington toward Arlington on Saturday, provoked a carload of laughter when he announced "Fogg-EE Bottom . . . " as he hit high C on the "EE" syllable. Makes one thankful, once again, that Metro never activated its plan to use professionally taped station announcements on its trains. It tells us a real person is driving.

However, too many Metro train operators keep riders in the dark when unusual things happen. Yesterday, the operator of one train coming into Washington praiseworthily broke that pattern and said, on departing from Rosslyn: "Please be advised that I am going to make a stop for about 20 seconds between here and Foggy Bottom."

Passenger Joe Vranich, coming into town, checked his stop watch. The stop, he noted, lasted just 13.77 seconds.