Fairfax County General District Judge Richard G. Hurst refused yesterday to lower the $1 million bond of accused cocaine trafficker Earl H. Breeden Sr.

"Mr. Breeden does not appear to be the type of person we like walking the streets of Fairfax County," Hurst said. "I'm not going to touch that $1 million bond."

Breeden, 51, was charged Tuesday with possession of four ounces of cocaine with intent to distribute. The Fairfax County prosecutor's office alleges he obtained the drug on a trip to Miami last weekend while free on $100,000 bond on nine other charges. He was described Tuesday as a "major trafficker" by Fairfax Commonwealth's Attorney Robert F. Horan Jr.

Breeden's attorney, Lawrence Freedman, said there is no indication that Breeden would flee if he were allowed to go free on bond. Freedman also told Hurst that police took Breeden from his home Monday without permitting him to bring along shoes or socks, and said jail officials had refused to give him clothes that had been brought to him. "The man is entitled to his shoes and socks," Freedman said.

Horan interjected: "Judge, I'll talk to the sheriff about shoes and socks. I think he ought to get them."