Falls Church City Manager Anthony H. Griffin told the City Council Monday night that he is against building a raised median strip along the western section of Broad Street except in two places -- where the road intersects with Haycock Road and West Street.

Griffin's objection was aimed at a portion of a plan submitted to the city by the Virginia Department of Highways and Transportation to improve a half-mile stretch of the road from Haycock-Shreve roads to just east of West Street.

The project, expected to cost the city $2.3 million and begin in the summer of 1987, is one phase of a four-part plan by the city and the state to improve Broad Street from the western city line to Fairfax Street.

The highway department's proposal calls for an additional foot to be added to each of the street's four lanes to accommodate the width of 11 feet required by the state.

The proposal also calls for the addition of a 13-foot-wide raised median that would become a left- turn lane at certain points.

In place of a raised median strip, Griffin recommended to the council the installation of a continuous left-turn lane, which would allow drivers from both directions to make left turns at any point along the stretch.

Griffin said he favors building the lane with material other than asphalt to distinguish it from the other four lanes.

In making his recommendation, Griffin said he took into "consideration" the results of a recent survey of city business owners that showed most opposed a median because they feared it would hinder access to businesses and discourage customers.

Griffin also said he believes a continuous left-turn lane would make it safer for drivers coming out of businesses and making left turns onto Broad Street by providing a midpoint area where they can pause until they are able to turn.

The City Council is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the project at its Aug. 12 meeting.