In the wake of the forced closing of a business near Takoma Park suspected of operating a house of prostitution, the City Council this week adopted a sharply worded resolution urging county officials to "take all legal actions available to see that it is closed permanently."

The New Hampshire Photo Studio, located near the Prince George's side of thecity at 6852 New Hampshire Ave., was one of six businesses in the county closed down by Prince George's police July 8, after they suspected them to be houses of prostitution.

In an unusual move, police opted to press civil rather than criminal charges against operators and landlords, to close the establishments permanently.

Council member Gail B. Dalmat, who sponsored the resolution on behalf of several area civic groups, said that the council adopted the measure to assure that the studio closes permanently. "Our feeling is that it is a good idea to keep the pressure on," Dalmat said.

The resolution states that "such similar sexually oriented businesses are generally know to attract a variety of criminal and other undesirable activities, such as prostitution, drug trafficking, robbery..and the regular harassment of patrons of nearby legitimate businesses."

It urges Prince George's County officials to "take all legal actions available . . . to ensure that New Hampshire Avenue Photo ceases to conduct business."