We've heard of marriages made in heaven, but this is the first we know of made -- under nonpartisan circumstances -- in the Reagan reelection campaign. The president and his first lady don't owe David and Donna Hyatt a wedding greeting, but if either reads Metro Scene, let's hope they send one to make the bonding especially memorable.

David Hyatt, a Navy photographer's mate third class from Thomson, Ga., and Donna Burke, a Navy journalist second class from Massachusetts, met while both were assigned to temporary duty with the Armed Forces Inaugural Team for the six months prior to last January's inauguration. He's currently assigned to the Naval Imaging Command, she to the Navy Internal Relations Activity.

David, assigned here since soon after joining the Navy in 1981, was a driver for Rick Ahearn of the White House advance team. Donna wrote press releases and shot pictures for the publicity effort related to the inauguration. They met, fell in love and were married July 12 by Capt. J.R. Perdew at the Navy Yard chapel.

Nobody sang "Get Me to the Church on Time," it seems, and they got there 90 minutes late, the result of an auto accident on the way in from Arlington. Then the bride's wallet was stolen. Result: a two-day delay in leaving for a Florida honeymoon.