The woman who was evicted from her $100,000 Watergate West apartment Tuesday and who spent that night in the co-op's lobby has been staying in the home of an acquaintance since Wednesday night, according to a person who has been helping the woman.

An attorney who has been assisting Edith Berman said that she spoke to Berman on Thursday and that Berman "said she was being well taken care of."

The office of Sen. Paula Hawkins (R-Fla.) has taken an interest in Berman's situation and has "suggested a couple of attorneys" to her, according to a spokesman for the senator. At least two persons have called persons involved in the situation to offer to pay the $2,000 that Berman apparently owes the co-op.

"Based upon her withholding payments since 1975, we would be leery of allowing her back in with her assurances that she would be willing to pay her monthly assessments," said Frederic Schwartz, attorney for the Watergate West.

Schwartz said previously that it appeared that Berman, who said she is more than 80 years old, was able to pay the amount in question but was unwilling to do so. Berman said that she did not owe any money to the co-op because the maintenance and air conditioning had not been satisfactory.