Annandale gynecologist David K. Davoudlarian's two stepdaughters each will receive $73,900 under final terms, set yesterday, in the $319,250 out-of-court settlement of the civil suit they brought against Davoudlarian, accusing him of strangling their mother.

The Davoudlarians' son will receive $40,000 from the settlement.

The attorneys who brought the suit, Peter Greenspun and Stanley Klein, will receive a total of about $106,000 from the settlement as their fee, and the remaining $25,000 will go to pay the costs of bringing the suit.

Davoudlarian, who has testified that he had nothing to do with the unsolved killing of his wife, Susan, was ordered yesterday to pay $25,000 of the total settlement by Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Lewis H. Griffith.

Griffith could have ordered Davoudlarian to pay any amount between $10,000 and $25,000 under the terms of the settlement.

The remaining $294,000 comes from four insurance policies on the life of Susan Davoudlarian, which were in force when she was strangled and her body left in her car at Dulles International Airport in June 1983. Davoudlarian was principal beneficiary of those policies, and as part of the settlement he signed over to his stepdaughters the rights to the proceeds.

Davoudlarian has declined to comment on the settlement. His attorneys have said he has a $200,000 bill from them for his defense in a trial in April, which ended in a hung jury. The attorneys have said the bill is not paid, "but is being paid," in the words of Plato Cacheris, one of his attorneys.

Stanley Klein said the fee for him and his partner is "a fairly standard one-third contingency, and if we had done it on an hourly rate, our fee would have been at least double."