Sixty-seven youngsters will represent Washington, D.C., at the 19th annual Youth Games to be held Aug. 6-11 on the campus of Montclair State College in Newark, N.J.

Thirty-nine other youngsters were chosen as alternates. The squad will leave for the games on Aug. 6.

Eight coaches will accompany the Washington team. They are: Carolyn Beals (girls bowling), Bertha Bell (girls basketball), Ray Brothers (boys bowling), Tony Conti (tennis), Roy Fagin (swimming), Luna Harrison (track), Oscar Phillips (boys basketball) and Joe Walker (track).

Ten youngsters were named to the boys basketball team. Phillips will have Jay Bias, Henry Hall, Eric Hill, Aaron Jordan, Ricardo Leonard, Mike Lewis, Jerrod Mustaf, Rete Reece and Curtis Smith on the squad. Mustaf played for DeMatha as a ninth grader last winter.

Bell chose 10 girls to play on the girls basketball team. She will have Shirley Boykins, Letisha Dixon, Donnal Hill, Zhoowan Jackson, Nicole Johnson, Denice Lee, Francine Lowe, Rashaun Person, Carolyn Smith and Terri Watson. Boykins played for Spingarn which made the Interhigh playoffs for the first time in eight years last season.

Walker and his assistant Harrison have some excellent prospects among the 12 youngsters named to the boys track team.

They include Roy Carpenter, Randall Clark, Raycheo Ford, Mark Langdon, Derek Mills, Rozier Milner, Garmon Moore, Tigfagor Oliver, William Perry, Howard Smith, Lusha Taliaferro and Terry Terrell.

Perry made the final at the ARCO/Jesse Owens national championships in San Diego last year in the age 9-11 50-meter division. Carpenter was a national champion two years ago at the Hershey National track and field championships in the 9-11 100 meters. Taliaferro was the Interhigh cross country, 1600- and 3200-meter champion this year at H.D. Woodson.

Named to the girls track team by Walker were Tasha Asbury, Jezell Blazio, Shanna Clarke, Kyme Greene, Veronica Harris, Jenifer Hines, Allison Lamar, Patrina Medley, Shara Patty, Cyndee Randall, Karienha Randall, Lisa Robinson and Dawn Simpson.

Ashbury made the team last year in the 800 meters.

Gretchen Ritter is the one returnee from last year's swim team. Newcomers this year include Stacey Krejci, Erica Bredsoe, Nathaniel Beers, Jeff Kruger and Crosby Treadwell.

In tennis, Ricky Harsanyi and Paul Maroon made the boys squad and the Restrepo sisters, Maria and Patti, will compete in the girls competition.

The bowling team will consist of Neal Dowing, Trent Horn, Jothan Jackson, Matthew Schmidt and Frederick Williams in the boys competition and Terri Dukes, Kia Jackson, Kim Sain, Clarissa Timmons, Jennifer Wallace and Page Walker on the girls squad.