The Middleburg Town Council has decided to go ahead with plans to levy a 1 percent meal tax on restaurant patrons after restaurant owners, who objected to the tax, were not able to come up with a better idea for raising needed revenue. According to Town Manager Gerard Rogers, restaurant owners told the council the tax was discriminatory because their businesses were being singled out to raise the $20,000 Middleburg needs for capital improvements. The council gave the owners until Sept. 1 to develop a revenue raising alternative.

Restaurant owners said they objected to the tax because it would require additional bookkeeping. Separate checks would have to be written for food and alcoholic beverages. Because restaurateurs have not come forward with a workable plan to raise the town's revenue, the tax will be enacted as planned, Rogers said, but the Town Council will work to resolve the administrative problems inherent in such a tax. Middleburg's restaurants comprise 10 percent of the town's business community.

A recent talent show fund-raiser held at Windsor House restaurant brought the Middleburg library closer to a goal of a "history corner" in its new facility. The library, founded last year by Middleburg residents, was brought into the county system July 1. According to Jacqueline Watson, coordinator for the event, the talent show has been planned ever since the library opened. The show raised $300 and a matching check was contributed by Windsor House. The history of Middleburg, Loudoun County and Virginia will be featured in the proposed history corner. Mayor Loyal McMillan has put out a call for donations of old books relating to Northern Virginia, family documents, letters and diaries. For information call librarian Jeanna Worst at 687-5730.