The 1,377 member Prince William County Education Association named Cameron Yow as its director last week.

Yow, a nine-year employe of the state association who has directed nine local education association groups in southern Virginia, replaces Joy Arnold, who resigned in May for a position with the Arkansas Education Association. Arnold served the Prince William association for five years.

Yow said he decided to come to the county because of residents' "immense pride" in their school system. He was chosen unanmimously from a field of 27 applicants by a five-member review panel. Yow, who worked with the association last spring on school budget issues, was chosen because of his budget expertise and because he "works well with our people," said Cathy McMurtry, former parent-teacher coalition president who served on the selection panel.

In other news, the county school system hired Dr. William Cox last month to fill the post of superintendent of instruction left vacant in April when 30-year veteran Eugene Lee retired. Cox served the Newport News school system for 25 years in various capacities before coming to Prince William.

According to school spokeswoman Kristy Larson, Cox' main interests are strengthening staff through training and development curricula, although, she said that "there will be no change for the sake of change. It will all come slowly."