The Conner Center Industrial Park, which marks the move of Virginia's smallest city from a strictly residential area to a partial industrial center, is nearly sold out and will expand soon to include 90 acres east of the Southern Railway. According to Troy Taylor, planning and zoning administrator, 45 of the 65 available lots have been sold and developed and others will be finished before fall. In addition, he said, "contracts are being written every day" for the 20 remaining tracts. Lisbon Concrete and Reuter Laboratories opened this summer with Yoder Steel, W.T. Imley, a building contractor, and So Deep Inc., a utility contractor, planning August and September openings. Hoping to open by spring are a construction equipment company and several warehouses. In addition, two interior surface roads are complete and two more are under construction. Plans include the four-laning of Euclid Avenue from Manassas Drive to Union Mill Drive, Taylor said.

City officials are optimistic that the booming industrial park will expand the 10-year-old city's tax base enough to allow the tax rate, the highest in Northern Virginia, to be lowered as early as next year. The rate currently stands at $1.80 per $100 of assessed value; the Manassas tax rate is $1.16 and Prince William's is $1.42.

The Manassas Park staff has produced a videotape that promotes the city as an industrial center, Taylor said. Although so far the taped promotion has been shown only to visitors and local businesses, the staff will begin showing it at trade shows this fall, he said.