A Metro section article Aug. 15 stated that a house that Howard University sold to the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson for $100,000 had been "appraised" at $140,502. That figure represents the D.C. government's assessment of the property for tax purposes, which is calculated to equal the property's market value. According to Howard University officials, the house was appraised at $90,000 to $100,000 by a local appraiser, C. Robert Boucher.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, civil rights leader and former Democractic presidential candidate, has bought a house in the LeDroit Park neighborhood of Northwest Washington.

Jackson bought the house in the 400 block of T Street NW from Howard University, according to Rufus S. Lusk and Sons, a real estate information service that lists house sales in the Washington area. The University -- which also owns several other properties in the neighborhood, immediately south of its main campus, sold the the two-story white brick house for $100,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Jackson on June 28.

The house, built in 1880, was appraised at $140,502, and sits on an 8,625-square-foot lot in LeDroit Park, a neighborhood that has been designated a historic district.

Records of the purchase show that Jackson obtained a 30-year, $75,000 mortgage for the property from Independence Federal Savings & Loan Association, a black-owned institution in the District.

Howard University spokesman Alan Hermesch confirmed that the property had been sold to Jackson, founder of Operation PUSH, who lives in Chicago, but said he knew no details of the purchase.

"All I know right now is that Reverend Jackson bought a house from the University," Hermesch said.

Caspa L. Harris Jr., Howard's treasurer and vice president for fiscal affiars, could not be reached for comment last night.

A spokesman for Jackson in the District said Jackson had been working at the Rainbow Coalition headquarters here for several days, but neither Jackson nor the spokesman would comment on the purchase.

Frank Watkins, Jackson's press secretary, said, however, that Jackson had been "looking into the possibility of buying some property."

"I didn't know a house had been purchased." Watkins said from PUSH headquarters in Chicago. I knew he was exploring the possibility of purchasing a residence there."

Jackson aides were unable to confirm whether Jackson bought the house for investment purposes or as a new residence for his family.

"If he bought the house, you would need to talk to him to find out why," Watkins said.

Meanwhile, word of the purchase spread quickly through LeDroit Park, once an enclave of prominent black Washingtonians, whose best known resident for decades has been former D.C. mayor Walter E. Washington.

"I hope he moves here," said Alma Davis, who lives across the street, " . . . It would be great."

Not everyone shared Davis' excitement, however. Said Randolph Tunis Jr., a 24-year resident of the block, "It doesn't matter . . . . A neighbor's a neighbor."