Banneker Academic High School in the District has been selected as one of the eight schools that will receive a visit this fall from a high-ranking substitute teacher -- Education Secretary William J. Bennett.

Bennett said he will visit the eight schools across the country to "pay tribute to the art of teaching." His schedule includes public and private high schools, junior highs and elementary schools, which were chosen because each contains an educational "success story," he said.

Bennett's visit to Banneker, a public school that opened in 1981 with borrowed textbooks and equipment and has since sent all its graduates on to college, is set for Sept. 3, the day after Labor Day. He will teach one class period, during which he will discuss the Federalist Papers.

Bennett is a frequent critic of existing history courses for failing to transmit America's democratic heritage and traditions to students.

At the junior highs, Bennett will talk about the Declaration of Independence. He has yet to choose his topic for the elementary schools.

Bennett's first classroom appearance will be Aug. 27, at the Cado Middle Magnet School in Shreveport, La. His other stops are: Northside Catholic Elementary School, St. Louis; Clayton High School, Clayton, Mo.; Silver Hills Junior High School, Osburn, Idaho; Willow Glen High School, San Jose; Concord High School, Concord, N.H., and Emma Conn Elementary School, Raleigh, N.C.

Christa McAuliffe, who is scheduled to become America's first teacher in space, teaches at Concord High. Bennett will substitute in her class, while she is away training.