How nonpartisan can you get? A new organization has formed in Arlington that includes among its council of advisors former U.S. representative Joel Broyhill (R) and the man who knocked hom off in 1974 after 22 years in Congress, former representative Joseph L. Fisher (D).

The organization is the Arlington Jefferson Association.

It was formed, in the words of its press announcement, "to promote citizen awareness and education in the Constitution of the United States and related issues of government."

The organization is described as an outgrowth of the Virginia Jefferson Association -- what state could better honor him than his birthplace? -- that was formed after a statewide meeting on the Constitution held last March in -- what better place? -- the colonial capital, Williamsburg.

Arlington Jefferson Association will hold a two-day symposium Nov. 15 and 16 at the George Mason University law school in Arlington.

There, 150 delegates are to discuss a lot of interesting but kind of remote issues, like direct election of the president and whether federal judges should serve for fixed rather than lifetime terms.

Interested? Write Audrey Wyatt, 3575 Roberts La., Arlington, Va. 22207. "Knowledge of the issues involved is helpful, but not necessary," the announcement says.

Sounds like a prospectus for serving in Congress.