Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service wants a paralegal specialist, Grades 5 through 9. Call 447-6617.

General Accounting Office wants a clerk-typist, GS 2/3/4, and a secretary, GS 5. Call Grace Schmitt on 275-5144.

Interior's Bureau of Reclamation needs a public utilities specialist, GS 13. Call 343-5429.

The Night Vision Devices section at Fort Belvoir has openings for engineers and physicists, GS 5 through 13; a GS 11/12 equipment specialist, and a GS 11 engineering technician. Call Debbie Dudley at 664-1211.

Federal Communications Commission is in the market for a GS 4 through 6 accounting technician. Call Betty Walker on 632-7106.

Energy Department needs an actuary, GS 12/13/14. Call Lorraine Carr at 252-8565.

Marine Corps has openings in Quantico for a GS 9 management analyst and a military terminology specialist; a GS 11 operations research analyst; GS 7/9 enviromental protection specialist, and GS 13 computer equipment analyst. Call Shirley Curry on (703) 640-2048.

The Comptroller of the Currency needs a contract specialist, GS 12/13. Talk to Brenda Bell on 447-1621.

Federal Communications Commission has a vacancy for a GS 6 editorial assistant. Call Ida Bacasse 632-7106.

Naval Research Lab wants a GS 7/9/11 computer programmer analyst. Call Rebecca Parish at 767-3030.