A D.C. Superior Court judge yesterday temporarily barred the school board from taking action on a tentative labor contract for 2,500 school service employes.

Judge Shellie F. Bowers, in issuing the temporary restraining order, said that the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employes, which represents the mostly cafeteria and maintenance workers, may have "falsely represented" the outcome of a vote on the contract.

The order came in a suit filed Friday by the Teamsters Union, which has petitioned for the right to represent the employes. The school board was scheduled to hold a public hearing on the contract last night.

The Teamsters alleged that a majority of workers at a July 10 meeting rejected by a voice vote the contract negotiated by AFSCME with school officials.

The Teamsters said they had a tape recording of the vote.

AFSCME representatives denied those allegations yesterday and submitted notarized statements from more than 60 workers at the meeting who said the contract had been ratified. In addition, AFSCME representatives argued that the charge of false representation was based on allegations by only five individuals out of 2,500 workers. They added that no one at the meeting asked for a ballot vote.

Another hearing will be held Sept. 9 to determine whether an injunction should be granted in the case.