Virginia Gov. Charles S. Robb has rejected Fairfax County's request that the state open the troubled Camp 30 correctional facility for a consultant's study commissioned by the county.

Camp 30, a state facility, is in western Fairfax County. It drew fire early this summer after a series of escapes and security problems, leading county officials to call for a study of the camp's management and security procedures.

Fairfax County Board Chairman John F. Herrity wrote Robb Aug. 7 asking that a consultant be given access to Camp 30.

Robb's response, released by the county yesterday, rejected the request in blunt terms.

"Simply put," he said in the Aug. 19 letter, "the management of Camp 30 is a state responsibility -- one that cannot and will not be delegated to the County Board."

Robb added: "I will not be satisfied until the problems at Unit 30 are fully solved."

Herrity acknowledged yesterday that Robb's response bars any consultant study of Camp 30. But he said he would ask the County Board to support asking the state directly for detailed information about the facility, similar to that which a consultant might seek.

The information could include categories of prisoners, types of sentences, training for prison guards and management procedures, Herrity said.

"The citizens of Fairfax County have a right to that information," he said. "We're not seeking to manage the facility. All we're seeking is information."

Herrity refused to criticize Robb directly, saying only, "We had a cooperative relationship before; this doesn't help much."