Eight of the 12 candidates who have announced that they intend to run for seats on the Rockville City Council are seeking the endorsement of the Independents for Rockville organization, a nonpartisan group that has held a majority of council seats during the past 12 years.

The IFR, which says it has a membership of 1,700 city residents and Rockville Chamber of Commerce members, will nominate a slate of four council candidates at a convention Sept. 14.

City Council member John Tyner II is the only IFR candidate who is seeking the two-year mayoral post in the Nov. 5 election.

Tyner, a four-term council member, is pitted against incumbent Mayor Viola D. Hovsepian, a member and founder of another city organization, the Alliance of Rockville Citizens, and Steven Van Grack, a Rockville lawyer who is not affiliated with either political organization.

Council members Stephen N. Abrams and Douglas M. Duncan, who were elected on the IFR slate two years ago, have not yet stated whether they are seeking reelection.

The eight City Council candidates seeking IFR endorsement are: Richard L. Arkin, 41, chairman of the Rockville Board of Appeals and a lawyer with the Food and Drug Administration. Charles Carroccia Jr., 36, a member of the city's Recreation and Parks Advisory Board and a Rockville lawyer. Carole T. Cohen, 33, a Rockville Housing Authority member and three-term president of the Twinbrook Citizens Association. Jeryl Gegan, 40, vice chairman of the Rockville Housing Authority and a lawyer with the Department of Defense. Peter R. Hartogensis, 42, a City Council member and Rockville lawyer. Patricia Lee King, 48, a member of the East Rockville Civic Association and an employe of the Montgomery County Public Schools. James Moone, 48, an administrator with the Department of Health and Human Services. Patrick L. Woodward, 36, president of the West End Citizens Association and a Rockville Board of Appeals member.

Three other council candidates are seeking nominations from the Alliance of Rockville Citizens, a coalition of civic groups. They are: James Coyle, a Rockville Human Rights Commission member. Al Mohorn, a city housing authority member. Stephen Fisher, past president of the Burgundy Knolls Civic Federation.

Council candidate Steven Albersheim, chairman of the city energy commission, has not said whether he plans to seek nomination from either party.

Rockville residents who submit signatures from at least 100 registered city voters are eligible to run for mayor or the council. The filing deadline is Oct. 5.